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Event Photography
Event Photography

A guide for photographers starting out in event photography


I am a seasoned photographer on the scene of event photography.I figured it was up to me to enlighten some of the up-coming photographers on their way to finding their own place in the field.

  • Take in everything the scene offers including people, music and food. It is up to you to work the entire room in which the event is taking place.


  • The best way to photograph any subject is to let them take the lead and pose for you when you’re clicking individually. Bring along a starry background for images where guests pose and be innovative.



  • You can use your camera for creating a dramatic effect with just the right lighting. Make it work for you and it will give you a nice graphic edge. You don't have to distract guests by clicking loudly; as you can set your ISO low decreasing the shutter sound.


  • Most of the guests will be tired by the end of the event, therefore make sure you get the important pictures right at the beginning.



  • At times, you may come across someone using the images from your private gallery commercially; this qualifies as a form of infringement. You may be held liable should the people in the pictures come across these pictures of yours that a third party is using. You need to make sure you act at once and take legal help in such a situation.

Every social function where you are invited is a great place to hone your photography skill. Give it a go and let the images you click help your clients make each moment unforgettable!